The Best of 50 Book Covers

You know you are successful when someone can write an article on the best 50 book covers for one of your works. LitHub’s Emily Temple put together the 50 best covers for Vonnegut’s Slaughter House Five.


The 50 best.

How many are there in total?


It’s fascinating to scroll through. We often think of book covers like soulmates. That there is only one image mate for each book inside.

Yet here are 50. From around the world.

The artwork is the product of many artists and many publishing houses. Often the images are flavored by cultural identities and the times. There are reoccurring themes, but the take-home of scanning down the list is a wonderful diversity of possible interpretations of the soul of the book.

Which design speaks to you most? Least? How influenced are you by the design of the front cover? Does it change what you end up thinking is inside?

Looking back, LitHub also published the 75 best covers of 2018.



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