Towards a Writers’ Compendium

There’s tons of material on the web about all aspects of writing. Here is a list of 100 best websites for writers as proof. Yet, few sites manage their content so that it’s easy to get an overview of all the relevant writing elements that you might want to know about. I was thinking about this yet again as I scrolled through this 2018 list and specifically when I visited this website: Fiction University.

Fiction University

What caught my eye was the menu on the left side — it is given in full below as an example of the ease at which a lot of material can be summarized.  Really nice! It’s easy to scroll the topics and the list underscores the myriad aspects to craft.

What if this existed for articles across the web? One of the things about writing advice is that it is diverse and often conflicting.  Authors all have strong opinions but what works for some might not work for all. Also, some articles stand out as best of breed on a particular topic. A curated resource that quickly and efficiently helped writers navigate would be great…I’d certainly love it. Just have to find the time to create it…

Thoughts and help welcome! It’s on the whiteboard.


Over 1,000 articles to help you take your writing to the next level!

Planning Your Novel

Ideas and Brainstorming

Story Development and Theme

Character Development

Structure and Outlining


Goals, Conflict , Tension, and Stakes


World Building


Word Count

Series and Trilogies

Writing Your Novel

Voice and Style

Dialog and Internalization

Point of View (POV)





Tone and Mood

Common Writing Problems

Show vs. Tell




Lack of Conflict

Lack of Action

Lack of Goals

Lack of Tension

Lack of Motivation

Lack of Stakes

Stalled Stories

Editing Your Novel

First Drafts

Revision and Editing

Word Choice

Trimming Words

Critiques and Feedback

Selling Your Novel

Query Letters

The Synopsis

The Submission Process

Marketing and Promotion


Self Publishing

The Writing Life

Being a Writer

Motivation and Productivity

Regular Columns

How They Do It

Indie Author Series

Real Life Diagnostics


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