alpha feminist

Romance reminds us that women want, and it celebrates this fact. How sad that that’s subversive, but it is.” Jamie Green on the politics of the romance novel and the genre’s response to Trump. | BuzzFeed

From Lithub today, an article mentioning among many other things, the concept of ‘alpha feminists’ as a storytelling device.

In short, this is the trope of the (billionaire/Duke hypermasculine) alpha male who would rather die than live without the woman of his dreams by the end of the book.

I’m not sure that’s my cup of tea, but it’s a classic discussion of trope, how it evolves over time and how it impacts society.

What tropes you love in your reading or writing, define you. So does your eschewing tropes. Best of all is bringing voice to new concepts of human behavior you deem worthy of further discussion. Improve the trope base where you can.


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