One Writer’s Experience of Unity in Writing: Tina Welling on writing her book WRITING WILD

Contributing Author: Tina Welling, WRITING WILD, published by New World Library

Writing Wild cover

Writing Wild_cover

I learn by writing. When I become curious about something or feel I’ve encountered a hint of a great truth, I follow it. I write about it. That’s how my book WRITING WILD came about. The sub-title is: Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature. That’s the great truth I encountered through an experience I relate in the book: the fact that we can form a creative partnership with the natural world.

From there I began to pay attention and make connections. I was a sponge. Whatever occurred in my life, I used. If it came my way, I figured it belonged somehow to my project. I pulled out memories I didn’t know I carried, I eavesdropped on people in café’s, I read books about nature, I hiked and skied and sat in the woods. I wound everything that resonated with me into my understanding of how to create a partnership with nature. And I wrote about everything that came my way.

To start, I realized that nature is the macrocosm of creative energy and our personal output is the microcosm. As the old spiritual law states: As above, so below. And that means we get to learn about our individual creative energy from understanding how creative energy works in the natural world. From there, I let nature take its course, as the adage advises, and I opened up to the wisdom all around me. I experienced such pleasures and reassurances throughout delving into this truth. It’s been one of the best times in my life and has given me a foundation for my spiritual and creative quest that has taken me where I’ve needed to go.

One day I knew I was finished; I felt emptied and cleaned out. All of me was on the page. I remember it happened at one o’clock in the afternoon. I was still in my pajamas and un-showered. While the hot water ran over my body I smiled. I felt like a California closet, everything in its proper cubby hole and compartment. Everything organized and made visible.

That feeling lasted, but there was plenty of work ahead. Next came re-writes. I didn’t add much in the way of material, but I cut a lot. And I smoothed sentences, moved commas, spruced up the language. I re-wrote some paragraphs dozens of times. This is the tricky part of readying a manuscript for readers. We need to invite in the mental judges while at the same time reprimanding them to be compassionate. We want to make our writing accessible to the reader while remaining true to our authentic self.

I didn’t realize at the time of my early drafts or even much later that I was writing from my intuition. I still don’t entirely understand the connection between intuition and writing, but I will bet my life on there being a connection. I have experienced it. All of us who write have experienced knowing something directly without processing it through our rational brain. It’s mysterious and it’s wonderful.

After reading several books by the intuitive Penney Peirce, I suggested that she and I conduct a workshop together in which she teaches about intuition – how to access our direct knowing – and I teach about how to put language and shape to what it brings us. The result is Intuition & Writing, an Immersive Workshop. We are holding it at a lovely island resort off the coast of Florida April 11 to 16, 2018. I can hardly wait, because I know I am going to learn as much as I teach. And that my writing, my trust in the process and in my connection to my direct knowing will deepen and expand.

For me, that’s Unity in Writing: using intuition in partnership with writing skills to express myself.

If you’d like to join us in the Intuition & Writing Workshop, contact me at for further information. I’m eager to meet up with the like-minded people that will be drawn to the workshop.


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